Signs Your Tree Needs Pruning and Trimming

tree removal ironbarkYou want healthy trees in your yard. Pruning and trimming your trees at least once a year can help keep them strong, healthy and beautiful.

What if you have not maintained your trees for a long time? Don’t worry it’s not too late. If you have no idea when to call an arborist, check out the signs that you need a tree service expert.

Tree branches grow too long

When you notice the tree branches are too long, then it is time to trim the tree. Another situation that may need trimming is when they grow out too far that they reach your house, garage, car or power wires. In these cases, the tree should be trimmed before it causes serious damage to your property or falls over and hurt someone.

Tree looks odd

When you notice that your tree has formed an odd shape, starts to lean, look uneven, then you may have to consider calling a professional to help your tree grow health branches restore its natural shape. Also, consider calling a professional when you notice that the tree is damaged or cracked. If you ignore these signs it may cause permanent damage to the tree.

Tree has dead or broken branches

If you notice the tree has dead branches, have it removed by a professional arborist. If not removed, it will more likely cause disease and spread to other areas and eventually kill the tree. Dead branches also attract pests. However, if the tree is completely dead, then you will have to consider tree removal.

Tree branches prevent sunlight to get through

Though trees provide shade from the sun, there should still be a little light shining through the umbrella of the tree branches. If the tree is too thick that it prevents you to see sunlight when you look up the sky, then the tree should be thinned out to allow enough air and sunlight and grow properly.

If you still do not know what to do with your trees, call a tree service expert to examine your trees. The tree care expert should be able to provide you with the help you need to maintain your trees in good condition.