Why Some Trees Don’t Survive

Why Some Trees Don’t Survive

Planting trees on our property will not just improve the look of our garden, but it can increase its value once you decide to sell it. However, there are instances when the trees you planted died and just did not survive. Here are some reasons why your trees aren’t surviving:arborist services muirlea

Planting the wrong trees. All trees are not created equal. Some species may not be just right for your property as some are better suited to particular areas. Before you decide you want a particular fruit-bearing tree on your property conducts a quick research first. You can ask your arborist about your tree choices and if they see that your tree choice is wrong, they can provide you recommendations of what is suitable in your area.

Incompatible location. Trees can have a problem in growing when the location is too hostile for them. For instance, if the land is not providing enough moisture or if it has too much, or if the tree was planted at the wrong levels and soil which can make the tree suffer. Make sure that the soil matches the tree. At best, your specialist can conduct a soil test to give you the perfect place for your chosen plant.

Not properly monitoring them. Trees require your constant attention, especially the young ones. If you fail to take care of them properly, they won’t be able to grow to their full potential. Make sure to check the stability of the tree and the soil’s condition, and do not forget to check for possible infections or insects pestering your tree.

Tree Care Tips – How To Take Care Of Your Trees In Winter

tree lopping kholoWinter is a great opportunity for your trees to get rid of any unwanted weeds and lurking pests that may already be pestering them. This time is also perfect to prepare them for more fruitful rewards once the season is done.

Tree care tips for your trees this season

Get rid of weeds. Getting rid of any weeds you spot at the base of the tree will remove possible hiding places of insects that are trying to find their luck by overwintering.

Get rid of pests. One common problem for trees during the cold season are overwintering insects and their eggs. Common insects that can be found on trees in winter are aphids, scale insects, moth, red spider mites, and the likes can place themselves into the tiniest of crannies within the bark’s tree. They will emerge in spring which could harm your trees health in the process. To lessen the chance of having overwintering insects live in your trees, spray a winter tree wash onto your trees. You can do this at the beginning of winter and do the same thing at the end of winter.

Protect your fruit trees. While the cold weather is a great time to get rid of unwanted pests, but this season could play havoc with your fruit trees. For instance, fruit trees such as olives and lemons should be moved to a greenhouse or cool conservatory. Trees in pots should also be given proper drainage because when the roots freeze solid, this can be a disaster for them.

While it may be cold to take care of your trees in winter but with just a little time spent with them, your trees will feel that they are getting the love they deserve.